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    History. The letter 'G' was introduced in the Old Latin period as a variant of 'C' to distinguish voiced /ɡ/ from voiceless /k/. The recorded originator of 'G' is freedman …

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    Historia. Corresponde a la letra G del alfabeto latino o romano. Se deriva de la C, que entre lo relativo se usaba indistintamente para representar los fonemas /c/ y /g/.

  4. G - definition of G by The Free Dictionary

    G 1 (jē) A trademark for a movie rating indicating that admission will be granted to persons of all ages. G 2 (jē) n. Slang. One thousand dollars: lost twenty Gs at the racetrack.


    G bzw. g (gesprochen: [geː]) ist der siebte Buchstabe des klassischen und modernen lateinischen Alphabets. Er ist ein Konsonant. Er wurde um 230 v. Chr. von dem römischen Schreibschulbetreiber Spurius Carvilius Ruga als Variante des C eingeführt. Der Buchstabe G


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    G, g [jee] /dʒi/ Spell Syllables. Examples ; noun, plural G's or Gs, g's or gs. 1. the seventh letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. 2. any spoken sound represented by the letter G or g, as in get, German, or camouflage. 3. something having the shape of a G


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    g-force (with g from gravitational) is a measurement of the type of acceleration that causes weight. Despite the name, it is incorrect to consider g-force a fundamental force, as "g


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