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    Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  2. G - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    G is the seventh letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Contents 1 History 1.1 Typographic variants 2 Use 3 Equivalent letters in other scripts 4 Related letters and ...

  3. G - definition of G by The Free Dictionary

    G 1 (j) A trademark used for a movie rating indicating that admission will be granted to persons of all ages. G 2 (j) n. Slang. One thousand dollars: lost twenty Gs ...

  4. 'G' Words | Browse Words that Begin with Letter G ...

    What are some words that begin and end with the letter G - Find words starting with the letter G, including those that are obscure, common, and slang.

  5. G - What does G stand for? - TheFreeDictionary

    Acronym Definition G General Audiences (movie rating) G Gram G Grin (used in chat and email) G Giga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion) G Gravitational acceleration ...

  6. g - Wiktionary

    21.7.2014 · Letter . g (lower case, upper case G) The seventh letter of the Portuguese alphabet, called gê and written in the Latin script. 2003, Lya Wyler ...

  7. Gram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The gram (alternative British English spelling: gramme ; SI unit symbol: g) (Greek/Latin root grámma) is a metric system unit of mass. Originally defined ...

  8. Units: G - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    G g a symbol for the average acceleration produced by gravity at the Earth's surface (sea level). The actual acceleration of gravity varies from place to place ...

  9. Urban Dictionary: G

    "Yo G!! i need some advice what do u do if the north is under control but theres an uprising in the south" (Will asking geofrey for help with problems with Lisa)


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