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    Originaire de Chine, le jeu de go (碁, go?), igo (囲碁,?), en coréen 바둑 baduk, ou en chinois wéiqí (chinois simplifié : 围棋 ; chinois traditionnel : 圍棋), oppose deux …

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    El go (chino simplificado: 围棋, chino tradicional: 圍棋, pinyin: wéiqí; japonés: 囲碁 igo, coreano: 바둑 baduk) es un juego de tablero estratégico para dos jugadores que se …


    Go (jap.: 囲碁 igo, chinesisch 圍棋 / 围棋, Pinyin wéiqí ‚Umzingelungsspiel‘, kor.: 바둑 baduk) ist ein strategisches Brettspiel für zwei Spieler.

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    Definition of GO intransitive verb 1 : to move on a course : proceed <go slow> <went by train> — compare stop 2 : to move out of or away from a place expressed or implied : leave, depart <went from school to the party> <going away for vacation> 3 a : to take a certain course or follow a certain procedure <reports go

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    Go is played on a grid of black lines (usually 19×19). Game pieces, called stones, are played on the line intersections.


    Il go è un gioco da tavolo strategico per due giocatori. È noto come wéiqí in cinese (圍棋 T, 围棋 S), igo (囲碁?) o go (碁?) in giapponese, e baduk in coreano (바둑?, 圍棋?, …


    Go (Japonca: 囲碁, igo; Çince: 圍棋 / 围棋, wéiqí; Korece: 바둑, baduk), tahta üzerinde oynanan iki kişilik bir strateji oyunudur.