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    Handicap definition, a race or other contest in which certain disadvantages or advantages of weight, distance, time, etc., are placed upon competitors to equalize ...

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    hand·i·cap (hăn′dē-kăp′) n. 1. Sports & Games a. A race or contest in which contestants are given advantages or compensations to equalize the chances of ...

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    Handicap, probably short for “hand in cap,” was originally a sort of game in which two people would try to trade things of unequal value. A third person would be ...

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    DH blev stiftet i 1934 som De Samvirkende Invalideorganisationer (DSI). DHs 33 medlemsorganisationer har over 330.000 medlemmer og dækker alle typer handicap.

  6. GHIN.com: Golf Handicap and Information Network


    The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network.

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    handicap [han´de-kap] 1. a term that is considered offensive when used to denote a physical or mental impairment or characteristic that prevents a person from ...

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    Reviews and information about courses, plus golfer's handicap listing and analysis across Southern Africa.

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    More example sentences The lack of capacity and facilities is also a handicap to success in the lower divisions. Losing over half-a-team in a year has proved too ...

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    A sporting handicap might be a faster horse carrying an extra weight, or a better golfer having a few strokes added to her score to make things more competitive.

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    Interested in getting a Handicap Index? It's a simple process, and having one allows you to track your progress and compete on an equitable level.

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