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  1. I Ching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The I Ching (Chinese: 易經; Old Chinese: *lek k-lˤeŋ; [1] pinyin: Yìjīng; [î tɕjə́ŋ]), also known as the Classic of Changes or Book of Changes in English ...

  2. I Ching Online - the Online Book of Changes

    Free I Ching Readings. No need to carry the Book-of-Changes and 3 Chinese coins with you, but simply ask any vital question online and even save your reading!

  3. The I Ching Online - Tarot

    Experience the ancient art of the I Ching! Toss the coins and ask the oracle for wisdom to guide you through life, love, changes and more.

  4. FREE I Ching Readings – Facade

    The I Ching (Classic of Changes or Book of Changes), also known as the Yi Jing, Yijing, or I Ging, is one of the Five Classics, the fundamental books of Confucianism.

  5. I CHING - The Book of Changes

    I CHING The Book of Changes The introductions to the I Ching by Richard Wilhelm and C.J. Jung had been edited in HTML format by Dr. Dan Baruth.

  6. The I Ching, or, Book of Changes (Bollingen Series XIX ...

    The I Ching or Book of Changes (Bollingen Series (General)) and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more

  7. The Yijing / I Ching oracle - Eclectic Energies

    Consult the I Ching oracle online, or throw your own coins, or enter a hexagram. Clear and unambiguous I Ching translation and explanation of the meanings.

  8. I Ching - The Book Of Changes - Deoxy

    Before you asked me, I understood just what time was. Now I'm not so sure.—Socrates

  9. The I Ching, Legge tr. Index - Internet Sacred Text ...

    The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the most widely read of the five Chinese Classics. The book was traditionally written by the legendary Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi ...

  10. Consult the Yijing / I Ching online - Eclectic Energies

    Consult the Yijing / I Ching oracle online (for free). Clear and unambiguous text, clear presentation of the reading.

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