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  1. Interop Vendor Alliance

    The Interop Vendor Alliance is a community of software and hardware vendors working together to enhance interoperability with Microsoft Systems.

  2. Interoperability Alliance | Secure. Deploy. Protect.

    Device interoperability in the Lower 700 MHz allows operators and consumers to enjoy economies of scale by including a greater variety of handsets at lower costs and ...

  3. Microsoft and Industry Leaders Establish Interoperability ...

    Founding members of Interop Vendor Alliance, including Sun Microsystems, Novell, BEA Systems and SOFTWARE AG, share common goal of making technologies work …

  4. Interop. Alliance (InteropAlliance) on Twitter
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    The latest from Interop. Alliance (@InteropAlliance). The Interoperability Alliance is helping Deploy, Connect, and Protect America's wireless infrastructure

  5. Interop Vendor Alliance

    This paper shows how to configure identity federation between CA SiteMinder and Microsoft SharePoint 2010, using the CA Federation Manager Add-on for SiteMinder.

  6. IVA - Interop Vendor Alliance (Microsoft)

    The Interop Vendor Alliance is an industry-wide group that recruits the top information technology companies in the world to achieve greater interoperability across ...

  7. Connect | Interoperability Alliance | Secure. Deploy. Protect.

    Interoperability at Lower 700 MHz is Essential for Competition and Innovation. Convergence to a single technology – LTE for 4G communications – should provide ...

  8. Interop | Ethernet Alliance

    The Ethernet Alliance partnered with industry leading member companies at Interop 2011 to showcase the continued evolution of 10Gb Ethernet as the networking industry ...