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  2. Interoperability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Interoperability is the ability of making systems and organizations work together (inter-operate). While the term was initially defined for information technology or ...

  3. Interoperability @ Microsoft - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    dedicated to technical collaborative work to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies

  4. interoperability - definition of interoperability by The ...

    1. The ability of systems, units, or forces to provide services to and accept services from other systems, units, or forces and to use the services so exchanged to ...

  5. Semantic interoperability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Semantic as a function of syntactic interoperability . Syntactic interoperability, provided by for instance XML or the SQL standards, is a pre-requisite to semantic.

  6. What is interoperability? definition and meaning

    Ability of a computer system to run application programs from different vendors, and to interact with other computers across local or wide-area networks regardless of ...

  7. Technical Specifications for interoperability - ERA - Home › … › Core Activities › Interoperability

    Technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs) m ean the specifications by which each subsystem or part of subsystem is covered in order to meet the essential ...

  8. Interoperability Training Courses | Providers ...

    Take these interactive courses on the interoperability path to meaningful use stage 2.

  9. GIS CAD Interoperability -

    Jul 21, 2014 · GIS CAD Interoperability My ideas for GIS and CAD integration, discussion, tips and work flow suggestions.

  10. SIMILE Project

    Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments. S IMILE was focused on developing robust, open source tools that empower users to ...

  11. WindowsPhone7 - Home - Interoperability Bridges

    Whurley, Chief Technology Officer from Chaotic Moon, shares their experience from developing on other phone platforms and talk through their Windows Phone 7 story.

  12. Including results for interoperability.

    Do you want results only for interoperabilita?

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