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  2. Interoperability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Interoperability is the ability of making systems and organizations to work together (inter-operate). While the term was initially defined for information technology ...

  3. InteropérabilitéWikipédiaérabilitéTranslate this page

    L' interopérabilité est la capacité que possède un produit ou un système, dont les interfaces sont intégralement connues, à fonctionner avec d'autres produits ...

  4. interoperability - definition of interoperability by The ...

    1. The ability of systems, units, or forces to provide services to and accept services from other systems, units, or forces and to use the services so exchanged to ...

  5. Interoperabilità - WikipediaàTranslate this page

    Il termine interoperabilità esprime il concetto moderno, oggi sempre più applicato a molteplici settori, di permettere, mediante procedure unificanti, l ...

  6. What is interoperability? - Definition from

    Interoperability (pronounced IHN-tuhr-AHP-uhr-uh-BIHL-ih-tee) is the ability of a system or a product to work with other systems or products without spe...

  7. W3C Launches for Social Web Application Interoperability

    W3C Launches Push for Social Web Application Interoperability W3C and OpenSocial Foundation Increase Collaboration to Reduce Fragmentation.

  8. Interoperability @ Microsoft - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    dedicated to technical collaborative work to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies

  9. Interoperability | Channel 9

    Interoperability Dec 02, 2013 at 9:17 AM 0. Avg Rating: 5 (1) Apache Cordova, previously known as PhoneGap, is a platform to build cross-platform mobile apps with ...

  10. Including results for interoperability.

    Do you want results only for interoperabilita?

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