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  1. Irish Water Spaniel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Description Appearance . The Irish Water Spaniel is a sturdy, cobby dog native to Ireland. The coat, consisting of dense curls, sheds very little.

  2. Irish Water Spaniel Information and Pictures, Irish Water ...

    All about the Irish Water Spaniel, info, pictures, breeders, rescues, care, temperament, health, puppies and much more

  3. Irish Water Spaniel Association

    The UK Irish Water Spaniel Association (IWSA) is the sole Kennel Club registered breed club catering for all of the interests of Irish Water Spaniel owners in the U.K.

  4. the Irish Water Spaniel - American Kennel Club - The Dog ...

    Right breed for you? Irish Water Spaniel information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, how to find a Irish Water Spaniel and AKC standard.

  5. Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed Information, Pictures ...

    Irish Water Spaniel information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Irish Water Spaniels and dog breed mixes.

  6. Adopt an Irish Water Spaniel | Dog Breeds | Petfinder

    Irish Water Spaniel Dog Care. This active, athletic, inquisitive breed needs lots of mental and physical exertion to keep him from becoming frustrated or bored.


    Irish Water Spaniel er en intelligent, selvstændig og energisk race med stor personlighed og charme. Det er den største af spanielracerne, og den har træk ...

  8. Home - Irish Water Spaniel Club of America

    If you have never met an Irish Water Spaniel, you've come to the right place to find information on this exceptional breed. First recognized by the AKC in 1884, the ...

  9. Irish Water Spaniel Puppies for Sale - water spaniel.php

    Irish Water Spaniel Puppies for Sale Buying your first Irish Water Spaniel puppy can be a daunting task, but is here to help. We've added some common ...

  10. Irish Water Spaniel Breed Information - is ...

    Everything you want to know about Irish Water Spaniel, including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder, and more.

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