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    The assumptions on the etymology of the name "Italia" are very numerous and the corpus of the solutions proposed by historians and linguists is very wide. According to one of the more common explanations, the term Italia, from Latin: Italia


    Italia Oggi今日義大利教育中心 專業義大利文、義大利語教學、義語CELI檢定考中心;義大利留學、義大利遊學免費預約諮詢,義大利設計,義大利服裝,義大利語言學校,義大利 …



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    Alitalia is the main passenger transport group in Italy and among the leading players in European air transport.


    Italia Oggi今日義大利教育中心 專業義大利文、義大利語教學、義語CELI檢定考、義大利文化中心;義大利留學、義大利遊學免費預約諮詢 義大利文國家檢定考CELI在台唯一 …


    意大利. 4,074,699 個讚 · 8,375 人正在談論這個. La community degli amanti dell'Italia e community non ufficiale della Nazionale Italiana di calcio! Condividi la tua... ... 意大利 …

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    News Kristoff double victory at the Tour de France Tour de France: 4 teams on Selle Italia Eva Lechner, silver medal at Cyclocross World Championship!

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    03.08.2014 · Italia n Italy Declension [edit] Singular Indefinite Nominative Italia Accusative Italia Dative Italia Genitive Italia Finnish [edit] Proper noun [edit] Italia Italy Declension [edit] Inflection of Italia

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    Italy (Italia in Latin and Italian) was the name of the administrative division of the Italian peninsula during the Roman era. It was not a province, but became the territory of the city of Rome, thus having a special status.[1] Following the end of the Social War (91–88 BC), Rome had allowed its Italian

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    Communicate with the staff and tell us what you love about Italy. Go to the Social Wall Your Suggestions Newsletter Partners Follow us on: Twitter Facebook Google+ …

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