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    Jellyfish or jellies are the major non-polyp form of individuals of the phylum Cnidaria. They are typified as free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous ...

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    Jellyfish Facts is the source for Jellyfish information on the Internet. Jellyfish facts provides information about jellyfish, helping people to understand these ...

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    See photos of jellyfish in this oceans photo gallery from National Geographic.

  4. 65 Stinging Facts about Jellyfish

    Jellyfish are found in every ocean of the world. They are even found in some freshwater lakes and ponds. g; Jellyfish range from the size of a thimble or the eraser ...

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    Jellyfish are marine invertebrates belonging to the Scyphozoan class of the Cnidaria phylum. The body of an adult jellyfish is composed of a bell-shaped, jellylike ...

  6. Jellyfish in Florida. Identify types of jellyfish found on ...

    Florida Jellyfish: Photos and descriptions to help you identify jellyfish found on Florida beaches. Man of War, cannonball jelly, moon jelly, blue buttons, By-the ...

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    Jellyfish are beautiful, gelatinous animals with long tentacles that sting. Images, videos, and facts from around the world.

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    Jellyfish new music, concerts, photos, and official news updates directly from Jellyfish's Twitter and Facebook.

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    Jellyfish usually feed on zooplankton, which are small drifting animals. These include juvenile fish, other jellyfish and larval crustaceans .

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    10+ items · Product Features Magic Jellyfish presents beautiful gliding jellyfish in deep sea illumination