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    About Julia... Aloha! My given name is Julia. I'm fond of it; please don't call me "Julie." To many I'm known as Eclipse or Julieclipse (and sometimes Nai ...

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    What's your stress style. You're a Soother. When trouble strikes, you somehow seem to avoid being hit. Those around you may encounter crises, of course ...

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    Who is Julie(lipse? Well, obviously she's an visually-oriented sanguine INFP cusp aquarian number seven rooster hierophant ectomorph of the vata-pitta type.

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    13 sub-albums and no images in this album on 2 pages: [view comments] ... Gallery: Julieclipse's Gallery

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    *Comments available for this item. 1 2 3 : Gallery: Julieclipse's Gallery Album: Summer 2004

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    *Comments available for this item. 1 2 : Gallery: Julieclipse's Gallery Album: Fall 2004

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    Julieclipse's personal pages - polymer clay dolphin sculptures

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    Album: Organic Garden Commercial flower growing is a damaging industry. Most florists' flowers are grown in Mexico and South America, using chemicals that ...

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    eclipsed ist ein in Aschaffenburg beheimatetes Musikmagazin und richtet sich an Freunde anspruchsvoller Rockmusik, die Lust haben, Monat für Monat auf ...

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    *Comments available for this item. 1 2 3 : Gallery: Julieclipse's Gallery Album: Fall 2004