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  1. Kinesiology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms.

  2. Kinesiology Home « Kinesiology

    Welcome to the Iowa State University Department of Kinesiology. In our programs, your Iowa State adventure features: World-class faculty; State-of-the-art laboratories

  3. University of Michigan | School of Kinesiology

    Contains program, staff and research information

  4. Weight Training, Exercise Instruction & Kinesiology

    Comprehensive weight training and kinesiology reference for exercise prescription with over 1600 animated exercises demonstrated, described, and analyzed.

  5. About the Federation - About Kinesiology

    The Kinesiology Federation (KF) is a professional organisation based in the UK representing kinesiology practitioners, instructors and schools from the variety of ...

  6. Health & Kinesiology | Department of

    Health and Safety faculty, kinesiology research, activity program, departmental services, and news and announcements. Areas for undergraduate, graduate and ...

  7. Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA)

    Official website for the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA) Find a registered practitioner in your area.

  8. Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa

    Information on kinesiology benefits, Certificate and Diploma courses to study Kinesiology, short Kinesiology workshops & practitioners, South Africa.

  9. Kinesiology - Learning, Growing, Embracing Life

    Kinesiology Connection (Melbourne, Australia) recently celebrated the graduation of one of their Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice classes.

  10. The Kinesiology Shop - Equilibrium Shop Home

    Intro Kinesiology: Books on Kinesiology for the public, for simple use in the home, for the beginning ...