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  1. Massive Incorporated - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Massive Incorporated is an advertising company that provides software and services to dynamically host advertisements within video games. Massive Incorporated was ...

  2. Xbox 360 delivers advertising impact

    Advertising on Xbox 360 connects to your audience through the entertainment system in the livingroom, including 18-34 year old males.

  3. PlayReady - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    PlayReady is a content protection technology from Microsoft that includes encryption, output protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM). It was announced in ...

  4. ميكروسوفت إس كيو إل سيرفر ...ميكروسوفت_إس_كيو_إل_سيرفرTranslate this page

    ميكروسوفت إس كيو إل سيرفر (بالإنجليزية: Microsoft SQL Server) هو برنامج لقواعد البيانات العلائقية من ...