1. Google bomb - Wikipedia


    Google bombs date back as far as 1999, when a search for "more evil than Satan himself" resulted in the Microsoft homepage as the top result.

  2. Bing: What’s More Evil Than Satan Himself? 10^100 ...

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    Bing: What’s More Evil Than Satan Himself? 10^100. Sep 9, 2011. Not too long ago, ... More; Twitter. Facebook. Google + Pinterest. Previous article.

  3. Rethinking Satan as Absolute Evil - Interpretation


    Rethinking Satan as Absolute Evil. ... A simple good versus evil binary understanding of reality leads to an ethical perspective that might cause more evil than good.

  4. Was God actually more evil than Satan? - GameSpot

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    Jul 28, 2009 · Was God actually more evil than Satan? 480 results; 1; 2; 3; 4; ... GameSpot Polls; GameSpot Giveaways; Popular Game boards. Top posters. …

  5. Search engines gang up on Microsoft - November 15, 1999 - CNN


    Nov 15, 1999 · Is AOL in on It? At America Online, keying in "more evil than Satan himself" delivered Microsoft's home page as the top choice among AOL …

  6. More Evil


    Perhaps I'll have her to wear her hair down more now. Posted by jason at 8:15 PM 2 comments: ... More Evil but not the MOST evil. evil archive 2009 (3)

  7. Eviler Than Thou - TV Tropes


    Mayuri Kurotsuchi VS Szayel-Aporro Granz in Bleach, though it is less an "Eviler Than Thou" moment so much as "More Crazy-Prepared Than Thou". Though Mayuri's ...

  8. Who was more evil in the bible, God or Satan? - Quora


    This “God” is blatantly much more evil than Satan… The following articles is very revealing on this fact. Why is There Suffering in the World?

  9. What is greater than God more evil than the devil poor ...

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    The answer is nothing. Nothing is greater than God, nothing is more evil than the devil, poor people have nothing, rich people need nothing, and if.

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    Feb 02, 2009 · Even in their own bible, the christian god is worse than satan appears to be.