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  1. MSDN-the microsoft developer network

    Find resources for developers, such as tools, code samples and more on the Microsoft Developer Network. Build apps for the web, Windows Phone and Xbox

  2. MSDN Subscriptions

    MSDN subscribers get software, services and support for all development and testing needs.

  3. Microsoft Developer Network Library

    Microsoft Developer Network Library

  4. Sample Code - MSDN Examples in C#, VB.NET, C++, …

    Download code samples and examples for Windows 8, Microsoft Azure, Office, SharePoint, Silverlight and other products in C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, and C++.

  5. MSDN Magazine

    Editor's Note Building on Connect(); The Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Azure special issue of MSDN Magazine offers a glimpse at the broad and deep innovation ...

  6. MSDN Blogs - MSDN Blogs

    Learn more about the MSDN Blog Platform at the MSDN Blogs - Help blog! Provide Site Feedback on MSDN Blogs. Check on the status of the MSDN blogs at MSDN and …

  7. Xbox LIVE Indie Games - xbox live indie games development

    Dream.Build.Play Winners! 11/21/2012 Meet the 2012 Dream.Build.Play Chall... Dream.Build.Play 2012 Challenge – Submit Your Game... 5/25/2012 It's time to submit ...

  8. Products and Extensions for Visual Studio

    Release Management tools for Visual Studio helps to quickly get started with creating a Release Definition to automate the deployment of your application to multiple ...

  9. TechNet Virtual Labs

    Immerse yourself in a virtual hands-on lab and experience the product first hand, or try our guided experiences, and click through a tour of the various product features.

  10. MSDN Subscriptions - Visual Studio - Microsoft Developer Tools

    Visual Studio with MSDN subscriptions give you a wide range of resources that help you succeed as a developer on Microsoft platforms.

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