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  1. .NET Service Manager - Home

    Project Description The Service Manager is a series of classes to enable the management of “Services”, wither these services are local (instance) or remote.

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    Hi, This is related to Passport4.0 ie RPS related query. Even though after modfying the application name by options such as Modify applciation name and Modify service ...

  3. IIS Manager -

    Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) includes a new version of the IIS Manager (previously known as the Web Management Tool), updated to better support the power ...

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  5. Microsoft® Services Manager (MSM) for Windows LiveID

    Use Microsoft® Services Manager to tailor the Microsoft account sign-in experience for your site. Once you register your site, ...

  6. Server Manager

    Jan 21, 2008 · The Windows Server® 2008 operating system eases the task of managing and securing multiple server roles in an enterprise with the new Server Manager

  7. ADO.NET Connection Manager -

    An ADO.NET connection manager enables a package to access data sources by using a .NET provider. This connection manager is typically used to access data sources …

  8. Manage IT Anywhere -

    The service supports managing VMware, SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP, ARD, Windows, Amazon AWS, BES, Google Apps, Unix, Linux, Active Directory and more!