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  1. Memory loss: When to seek help - Mayo Clinic

    Memory loss: When to seek help. A number of conditions — not only Alzheimer's disease — can cause memory loss in older adults. Getting a prompt diagnosis and ...

  2. How to: How much RAM do you really need ... - PC & Tech ... › Atomic › Feature

    Many people assume that adding memory makes a PC significantly faster, ... how much memory do you need to achieve peak performance without wasting money?

  3. What is Virtual Memory? - Ask Leo!

    Virtual memory is conceptually somewhere between RAM and hard disk space; it's disk space used to maximize the amount of RAM available to programs.

  4. Best Memory-Boosting Games - WebMD › … › Healthy Aging Feature Stories

    From leading brain experts: games that boost your memory now - and help keep you sharp for years to come.

  5. Time & Time Sync Technology FAQ - Beagle Soft

    You could purchase an optional battery-backed clock for the PC, ... The memory was in earlier times ... Symptoms. The clock on the taskbar and in the Date/Time ...

  6. Signs & Symptoms of Low Working Memory | eHow › … › Computer Troubleshooting › PC Troubleshooting

    28/03/2011 · Signs & Symptoms of Low Working Memory. Computers normally use RAM (random access memory) to run applications and programs. If RAM is low and …

  7. How to Speed Up a Slow Windows Computer for Free (with ... › … › Operating Systems › Windows
    • Last updated: 20/05/2015 ·

    You can sometimes increase your memory bandwidth to improve your computer ... Keep your PC cool. When a computer ... This has its own set of issues such as needing ...

  8. Memory Loss (Short- and Long-Term): Causes and Treatments › … › Brain & Nervous System Health Center

    What causes memory loss? Learn more from WebMD about various reasons for forgetfulness and how it may be treated.

  9. How to Fix 'Low Virtual Memory' Errors - Ask Bob Rankin

    26/08/2011 · Are You Running Low on Virtual Memory? When all of your computer's real physical memory (RAM) is in use, Windows will try to create virtual memory by ...

  10. Top 10 Alzheimer's Warning Signs - A Place for Mom › Resources › Articles

    Last Updated: April 9, 2015. Some change in memory is normal as we grow older, but the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are more than simple lapses in memory.

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