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  1. PHP: Getting Help - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

    Documentation. A good place to start is by skimming through the ever-growing list of frequently asked questions (with answers, of course). Then have a look at the ...

  2. Learn PHP to Enhance Your Website

    Not only will PHP help your websites to be more dynamic and interactive, you'll also gain an understanding of how servers work. Come learn with us.

  3. PHP: My

    My This page allows you to customize the site. These settings are cookie-based and will work on all official mirror sites.

  4. PHP Scripts - GentleSource PHP Scripts

    Useful PHP web site tools such as Form Mail, Tell A Friend, Guestbook, Poll and Voting, and Counter Script. For each script an online demo has been installed.

  5. PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository

    PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository » What is it? PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. Sounds good?

  6. Manual :: PEAR Manual - PEAR - PHP Extension and ...

    6.5 Compile index3.php; % pear foobar.index.php executable is a.out % pear -o foobar foobar.index3.php executable is foobar, PRIVACY POLICY ...

  7. PHP 5 SimpleXML Functions - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Installation. As of PHP 5, the SimpleXML functions are part of the PHP core. No installation is required to use these functions.

  8. PHP: Release Archives (museum)

    php-gtk/-05-Nov-2014 20:43: php1/-05-Nov-2014 20:43: php2/-05-Nov-2014 20:43: php3/-05-Nov-2014 20:43: php4/-05-Nov-2014 20:45: php5/-15-Nov-2014 15:52: win32/-


    Manuels PHP / MySQL / HTML: vous propose les manuels officiels de trois langages de programmation : PHP, MySQL et HTML. Nous vous incitons à …

  10. PHP Example - AJAX and XML - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    AJAX XML Example. The following example will demonstrate how a web page can fetch information from an XML file with AJAX:

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