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  1. Powerlifting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves lifting weights in three attempts. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as …

  2. MEGA POWER - パワーハウス - this page

    東京都調布市にあるトレーニング・ジム、パワー ハウスのホームページです。 トレーニング好きな方なら誰でも大歓迎 ! ぜひ一度、遊びに来てみてください。 ... ※お知らせ※ 2014年3月1日よりパワーハウスの営業時間が変更と ...

  3. 日本パワーリフティング協会ホームページ · Translate this page


  4. Images of powerlifting
  5. IPF - International Powerlifting Federation IPF

    Powerlifting is the ultimate strength competition. The International Powerlifting Federation is head of nearly 100 country federations in powerlifting world wide. ... Since the previous Strategic Plan (2012-2014), the IPF has achieved ...

  6. パワーリフティングについて - MEGA POWER - this page

    スクワット、ベンチプレス、デッドリフトのパワーリフティング3種目の効果的トレーニングや、効率的なバルクアップの方法など、パワーハウス流のノウハウをお教えいたします。 ... ここはパワーハウスがお送りする ...

  7. USA Powerlifting - Official Site

    Official website for drug-free powerlifting meets and competitions for USAPL.

  8. Powerlifting Articles! -

    Powerlifting VS. Olympic Lifting By: Ian Waltz As a thrower on the world-class level I wanted to look into the benefits of power lifting versus Olympic lifting. I was looking through some journals and located a study performed by the ...

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    The epic highlights of some of the all time best. Video inspired by Mark Bell's "Power Project" on YouTube. ~ Some clips courtesy of "Bigger Stronger Faster" and "Power Unlimited" both highly recommended ...

  10. Powerlifting - ようこそ ワンダフル・パワー・ワールド へ New this page

    Powerlifting - ようこそ ワンダフル・パワー・ワールド へ New ... Powerlifting

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    2010/05/21 · International Powerlifting Federation promotion video ... Automatisk avspilling Når automatisk avspilling er på, blir en foreslått video automatisk spilt av som neste video.

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