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  1. 日本パワーリフティング協会ホームページ · Translate this page


  2. MEGA POWER - パワーハウス - this page

    東京都調布市にあるトレーニング・ジム、パワー ハウスのホームページです。 トレーニング好きな方なら誰でも大歓迎 ! ぜひ一度、遊びに来てみてください。 ... ※お知らせ※ パワーハウス設立30周年記念パーティーのご案内です ...

  3. International Powerlifting Federation IPF: Home

    The top level and governing body for powerlifting internationally

  4. パワーリフティング Professional Powerlifting this page


  5. Powerlifting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves lifting weights in three attempts. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as …

  6. USA Powerlifting | America's Choice for Drug-free Strength …

    Official website for drug-free powerlifting meets and competitions for USPF.

  7. パワーハウス - MEGA POWER - this page

    営業案内やジム紹介、パワーハウスの歴史など、パワーハウスの情報はすべてこちらのコーナーにまとめてあります。 パーソナルトレーニングご希望の方もこちらまで。

  8. - Powerlifting Articles! › Workouts › Programs

    Great Powerlifting articles! Learn the secrets to success! ... Remember The Good Old Days? By: Curtis Schultz I'm flipping through the yellow pages looking for a place to train, and I come across a Worlds Gym, as I run my finger ...

  9. Canadian Powerlifting Union

    2014 Domina Classic Powerlifting Open to Women ONLY October 4, Charlottetown, PEI MD's: John MacDonald and Jillian Sproul. Entry forms in MS Wordor Adobe PDF. Western Canadian ...

  10. Powerlifting Watch | Covering the World of Powerlifting

    News, records, meet locations and federation information updated daily.

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