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  1. QSOS - Collaborative technological watch

    It is composed of: A formal method describing a workflow to evaluate open source components and related projects. A set of tools to help apply the QSOS workflow on ...

  2. Recently Posted Interviews - Quilt Alliance

    Interviewee: Nall, Evelyn Ridgeway Interviewer: Carlton, Jean Project: The Minnesota QSOS Interview #: MN55044-001 [View Interview] Interviewee: Bond, Leola

  3. QSOS - Queen Street Outreach Society

    Updated April 27, 2010. Queen Street Outreach Society, (QSOS), was a non-profit organization run by and for people who receieved ...

  4. QSOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Qualification and Selection of Open Source software (QSOS) is a methodology for assessing Free/Libre Open Source Software. This methodology is released under the ...

  5. Mental Health Laws in Ontario - QSOS

    Mental Health Laws in Ontario. Mental health (psychiatric) laws set out psychiatrists' legal powers regarding ordering medications ...

  6. Quasar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Quasars or quasi-stellar radio sources are the most energetic and distant members of a class of objects called active galactic nuclei (AGN). Quasars are extremely ...

  7. Community - QSOS

    QSOS is a community-based project: the more we are, the better we are watching! So join us in our effort to help people adopt open source software.

  8. Helpdesk : Club Log Helpdesk - Freshdesk

    How To Delete Upload QSOs In Real-Time. How To Query Club Log For DXCC Info. How To Upload Logs Directly Into Club Log. See all 15 articles. Embedding Club Log. QRZ ...

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