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  1. Do you mean asos?

  2. QSOS - Collaborative technological watch

    It is composed of: A formal method describing a workflow to evaluate open source components and related projects. A set of tools to help apply the QSOS workflow on ...

  3. QSOS - Quilters Save Our Stories - Quilt Alliance

    Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories Find out more about the Ardis James Q.S.O.S. Scholars Program and how you can get involved with the Q.S.O.S. project:

  4. QSOS - Queen Street Outreach Society

    Updated April 27, 2010. Queen Street Outreach Society, (QSOS), was a non-profit organization run by and for people who receieved ...

  5. QSOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Qualification and Selection of Open Source software (QSOS) is a methodology for assessing Free/Libre Open Source Software. This methodology is released under the ...

  6. Mental Health Laws in Ontario - QSOS

    Mental Health Laws in Ontario. Mental health (psychiatric) laws set out psychiatrists' legal powers regarding ordering medications ...

  7. Tools Use! - Collaborative technological watch

    Detailed tutorial. QSOS provides a detailed tutorial that you can: Consult online in the Drakkr edoc repository. Download in PDF export format: French

  8. Lecture 24: Nuclear Activity in Galaxies, QSOs

    Lecture 24: Nuclear Activity in Galaxies, QSOs. Some galaxies have been observed to have very unusual activiy in the their centers -- this ranges from very rapid star ...

  9. Submitting QSOsLogbook of the World (LoTW) Help Pages

    Submitting QSOs to LoTW. Many logging applications can digitally sign QSOs and submit them to LoTW. If your logging application is capable, you may find using it to ...

  10. Do you mean asos?

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