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  2. Recently Posted Interviews - Quilt Alliance

    Interviewee: Nall, Evelyn Ridgeway Interviewer: Carlton, Jean Project: The Minnesota QSOS Interview #: MN55044-001 [View Interview] Interviewee: Bond, Leola

  3. Quasar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Quasars show a very high redshift, which is an effect of the expansion of the universe between the quasar and the Earth. When combined with Hubble's law, the ...

  4. MPV Quicksand, Oh Shit!

    Quicksand, Oh Shit! Running Time 2 hours, 43 minutes Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download: That's right - you're in it now!

  5. Ringmaster - Weird Al Yankovic - Yo Gabba Gabba! - YouTube

    Check out special guest Weird Al Yankovic as the Ringmaster in this clip from the episode, Circus, from season three. For more Yo Gabba Gabba! visit http ...

  6. QST Article - Olivia ... the Magical Mode

    Reprinted from December 2008 issue of QST with permission from A.R.R.L. Ghost QSOsOlivia Returns from the Noise. Olivia — the magic mode

  7. 7O6T: No Sleep, No Rest at 300 QSOs per Hour | DxCoffee

    It’s been but a couple weeks since the 7O6T final announcment, and DXCoffee proudly brings its readers a comprehensive, all-inclusive interview with team leader ...

  8. CW - Making a QSO - NAQCC

    OK, now to the specific example followed by further explanations and a description of subsequent rounds of the QSO. I'll use a fictional QSO between myself and the ...

  9. LoTW User Guide - G4iFB

    ZL2iFB LoTW user guide ... If you are a serious DXer, you know how frustrating it can be waiting for QSLs to arrive to confirm ...

  10. Q code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Q code is a standardized collection of three-letter message encodings, also known as a brevity code, all of which start with the letter "Q", initially developed ...

  11. Logger32

    New Feature - OTRSP OTRSP Command Macros Starting with Logger32 version 3.48.55, new OTRSP command macros have been added to RCP panel, CW Machine and …

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