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  1. QSOS - Collaborative technological watch

    It is composed of: A formal method describing a workflow to evaluate open source components and related projects. A set of tools to help apply the QSOS workflow on ...

  2. LoTW User Guide - G4iFB'/ZL2iFBs home page

    Why should I bother with Logbook of The World (LoTW)? Because of the buzz you’ll get from seeing things like this ...

  3. FreeDV QSO Finder

    Frequency Selector Your Frequency Update Clear. Presets. Users Logged In

  4. Making a CW QSO - NAQCC Introduction

    OK, now to the specific example followed by further explanations and a description of subsequent rounds of the QSO. I'll use a fictional QSO between myself and the ...

  5. APOD: Glossary

    Cepheid: A pulsating variable star. This type of star undergoes a rhythmic pulsation as indicated by its regular pattern of changing brightness as a function of time.

  6. Logger32

    New Feature - OTRSP OTRSP Command Macros Starting with Logger32 version 3.48.55, new OTRSP command macros have been added to RCP panel, CW Machine and …

  7. QSOS - HAWE Service GmbH

    https://www.qsos.deTranslate this page

    HAWE Service GmbH | Am Gewerbepark 4 | 90552 Röthenbach | Tel.: 0911 – 950 999 7-0 | Fax: 0911 / 950 999 7-89 | eMail:

  8. T33A Log and your QSOs

    Online Logs . S earch for your QSO's with T33A. Log issues are being corrected as requests for error checking (busted calls) come in.

  9. N1MM Logger Website | What's New in N1MM Logger Plus's+New+in+N1MM+Logger+Plus

    1. Hardware, Installation and File Location; Database Type. It's difficult to set an absolute minimum configuration that will work under all circumstances.

  10. Quasar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Quasars show a very high redshift, which is an effect of the metric expansion of space between the quasar and the Earth. [5] When the observed redshift of quasars is ...