1. re·al·ly


    1. in actual fact, as opposed to what is said or imagined to be true or possible:
      "so what really happened?" ·
      "they're not really my aunt and uncle" · "really, there are only three options"
    2. very; thoroughly:
      "I think she's really great" ·
      "a really cold day" · "he writes really well"


    1. used to express interest, surprise, or doubt:
      "“I've been working hard.” “Really?”"
      synonyms: no kidding · for real · is that so · is that a fact ·
      is that right
      • used to express mild protest:
        "really, Marjorie, you do jump to conclusions!"
      • US
        used to express agreement:
        "“It's a nightmare finding somewhere to live in this town.” “Yeah, really.”"


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    Video embedded · The dog runs really fast. The water is really hot. She's a really nice person. I had a really good time at the party.

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    re·al·ly (rē′ə-lē′, rē′lē) adv. 1. In actual truth or fact: There isn't really a lake there; it's just a mirage. 2. To a great degree; very much: I would ...

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    Really definition, in reality; actually: to see things as they really are. See more.

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    A statement of disbelief in a sarcastic manner. It`s like "seriously" but more obnoxious.

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    With Jay Chandrasekhar, Sarah Chalke, Hayes MacArthur, Luka Jones. A comedy that revolves around an opinionated group of thirty-something friends in Chicago.

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    Oct 28, 2016 · 1977, Agatha Christie, An Autobiography, Part II, chapter4: There was also hairdressing: hairdressing, too, really was hairdressing in those times — no ...

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    More examples. Security checks have become really strict at the airport. I had to fill in this really complicated form. We had a really rough crossing - I was sick ...

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