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  1. Rebirthing-breathwork - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Rebirthing-breathwork is a type of breathwork invented by Leonard Orr. Orr proposed that correct breathing can cure disease and relieve pain. Orr devised ...

  2. Rebirthing Breathwork International |

    For me Rebirthing has two main definitions: Rebirthing-Breathwork, aka Intuitive Energy Breathing ... Read More. Spiritual Purification & Life Mastery.

  3. Rebirthing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Rebirthing may refer to: Rebirthing-breathwork, a form of alternative medicine mainly consisting of a breathing technique Attachment therapy, a controversial category ...

  4. Rebirthing - MCS

    Rebirthing. Rebirthing is a technique involving specific breathing exercises which allow individuals to re-experience memories from the past and to release feelings ...


    Velkommen til The Ocean. Rebirthing er et udviklings-redskab, der ved hjælp af psykoterapeutiske redskaber, åndedrættet, og positive affirmationer, virkelig kan ...

  6. Rebirthing and Breathwork with Peter Kane

    Peter Kane, author of The Monogamy Challenge, offering counseling, coaching, breathwork, and voice dialogue

  7. What is Rebirthing? (with picture) - wiseGEEK

    13-10-2014 · Rebirthing is thought to be effective because it recalls the traumatic experience of human birth, and allows the individual to come to terms with the ...

  8. New York & Philadelphia Rebirthing Center - Main

    Rebirthing supports your intention to heal. Rebirthing is a growth accelerator. The source of our daily issues are locked in the unconscious. Rebirthing Breathwork ...


    Om Rebirthing Hvad er det? Rebirthing er en psykoterapi, hvor du arbejder med dit livsgrundlag, de opfattelser, tanker og handlingsmønstre der skaber, - former dit liv.


    Rebirthing er en blid åndedrætsteknik til integration og selvudvikling. Denne metode giver dig mulighed for at komme i kontakt med de fortrængte energier, som ...

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