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    Schipperke Dog Temperament. The Schipperke is a bold companion, even though it can be an independent and headstrong one. This little dynamo is happiest when busy ...


    Schipperke Kennel har til huse på slægtsgården Røndesminde, som er idyllisk beliggende ved Horstved, midt på Djursland.

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    Schipperke Pedigree Database. AMAZING DRIVE 2 YEAR CZECH FEMALE Female for sale (Czech) Excellent black male long hair! $1000 Puppies for sale.

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  5. Schipperke - Breeders - Puppies - Australia

    Schipperke Online pure breed dog community in Australia. Everything about the Schipperke including Schipperke breeders and Schipperke puppies.

  6. Schipperke

    I am a Schipperke May I present myself like fellow: I am Belgian, little, strong, loyal intelligent and brave. I need no special treatment and have small appetite.

  7. Breeder Listing | Schipperke Club of America

    Breeder Listing By State The Schipperke Club of America has made every effort to insure the accuracy of the information listed below. This on-line breeders list is ...

  8. Schipperke | WOOFipedia by The American Kennel Club

    Meet the Schipperke Standing no higher than 13 inches, Schipperkes are small dogs built for hard work. Schips were created as ratters and watchdogs.

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    Schipperke Breed History. Further adding to this theory is the fact that a breed that also resembles the Belgian sheepdog, but of intermediate size, was once in the area.

  10. Sanlyn Schipperkes

    I am Belgian, small, faithful, intelligent, courageous and black.... I am a Schipperke... Welcome to Sanlyn Kennels, situated in the Wairarapa, in the lower North ...

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    Schipperke Height : 10 - 13 inches . Schipperke Weight : 12 - 16 lbs. Schipperke Colors : Black is the only acceptable color according to the Belgian standard.

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