1. Skype Manager


    Skype Manager is a web-based management tool that lets you centrally manage Skype in your business or for your family.

    • Skype Manager is a web-based account management tool that lets …

    • How do I sign in to Skype Manager™? Administrators who have already set …

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  2. What is Skype Managerand how does it work?


    Skype Manager (previously known as the Business Control Panel) is a web-based management tool that lets you set up, manage and report on the usage of Skype

  3. download.skype.com/.../guides/skype-manager-quick-start-guide.pdf

    Skype Manager™ Quick Start Guide This guide shows you how to set up and use Skype Manager™. Skype Manager is a multi-functional business tool that lets you

  4. Skype Manager - Skype Community


    Hi, I need to create a Skype Manager account using my existing account. I went to this page: https://manager.skype.com/setup and filled up the

  5. Skype Connect | Business integration | Skype


    By adding Skype Connect to your existing SIP-enabled PBX, ... Get Skype Manager . Get support for Skype Connect. List of phone systems compatible with Skype Connect

  6. Skype Manager and Skype for Business FAQ


    Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Skype for Business can be found: LINK . Feel free to ask any further questions should you not find

  7. Skype for Web


    Sign into your Skype account to call and chat with friends and family. Log in to stay in touch with Skype.

  8. Skype Manager Archives - Skype Blogs


    便利な管理ツール、Skype Managerのご紹介~Skype Managerの月額プランが170ヶ国対応へと拡大~ 05/09/13 | Uncategorized

  9. Getting to know Skype Manager - Skype Blogs


    Many of our small business users ask me about Skype Manager, so it seems the time is right for a little refresher — or an introduction, for those not already familiar.

  10. Microsoft to eliminate Skype Managed Accounts feature by ...


    Managed accounts are created in Skype Manager and belong to the Skype Manager that created them. Read this. Skype talks back to critics on security and privacy ...