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  1. Pamela for Skype Business - 星星软件站 软件下载 ... this page

    本页为您提供了Pamela for Skype Business下载地址,和网友对Pamela for Skype Business的评价,以及与Pamela for Skype Business相关 …

  2. Skype | Free calls to friends and family

    Stay in touch with your family and friends for free on Skype. Download Skype today to chat and call on desktop and mobile.

  3. Skype简体中文版官方网站-最清晰的免费网络电话

    Skype是超清晰网络电话工具,电脑间通话永远免费,打国内国际固定/移动电话只需市话费 ... 无论您身在何处,无论他们身在何处 - Skype让天涯变咫尺。 无论您身在何处 ...

  4. Pamela for Skype Business - 华军软件园-提供国内 ... this page

    Pamela 的功能类似于SAM,答录机功能基本一样,只是Pamela有收费版本提供一些SAM没有的服务。Pamela在工作时会加上自己的宣传广告。

  5. Pamela for Skype Business - ZOL下载-免费软件 ... this page

    Pamela 的功能类似于SAM,答录机功能基本一样,只是Pamela有收费版本提供一些SAM没有的服务。Pamela在工作时会加上自己的宣传广告。

  6. 【Pamela for Skype Business】Pamela for Skype Business ... this page

    4阿里通网络电话 5.0 5tom skype 6QQVoice(原UUCall网络电话) 5.0 7HF呼死你零话费版 5.41 8网络电话自动追呼系统 9Skype 6.2.73 ...

  7. Skype for business - save money, stay connected and work ...

    With Skype Manager you can create accounts, allocate credit, subscriptions, manage features and make sure that your business gets the most out of Skype.

  8. Softonic - Skype for Business - Download
    • 19 MB ·

    Skype, the software leader in video calls and VoIP also offers Skype for Business, a release designed especially for professional multiple-user situations, from small ...

  9. Skype for business - Skype Community

    Questions around "Skype Connect" (one of our business products) and "Skype Manager" – a simple way to manage Skype in your busi...

  10. Skype Sign In

    Welcome to Skype. Create an account or sign in, and then you're ready to call your friends free over Skype, and even talk face-to-face on video.