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  1. Help for Skype – user guides, FAQs, customer support

    Help using Skype - FAQs, user guides, troubleshooter, customer support and assistance with products and features. Includes searchable knowledgebase.

  2. 帮助_Skype简体中文版官方网站-最清晰的免费网络电话 this page

    Skype是超清晰网络电话工具,电脑间通话永远免费,打国内国际固定/移动电话只需市话费 ... Skype名称、相关商标和LOGO以及"S" LOGO为Skype以及关联公司的注册 ...

  3. Skype Help « Skype Mac

    Skype is an excellent way you can communicate with friends, family and loved ones through the power of the Internet without any cost. As long as you have a good ...

  4. English - Skype Community

    Skype for Windows desktop is Skype running in a window as you got used to. ... If you need help with Skype please use the computer or mobile categories. 181 . topics .

  5. Skype简体中文版官方网站-最清晰的免费网络电话

    skype.tom.comTranslate this page


  6. Skype help China this page

    4.若想与多个好友聊天,请点击聊天框左上角的“ 邀请”或右下方的“邀请更多人加入会话”

  7. Skype帮助中心 - Skype答疑 - 企业通信 - IPPBX集团电话 ... this page

    Skype帮助中心,Skype常见问题,Skype使用问题,有问必答。 ... 公司首页 Skype首页 购买Skype电话卡 企业服务 商店 自助充值 最新动态 帮助 帮助

  8. Skype简体中文版官方网站-最清晰的免费网络电话

    Skype是超清晰网络电话工具,电脑间通话永远免费,打国内国际固定/移动电话只需市话费 ... 无论您身在何处,无论他们身在何处 - Skype让天涯变咫尺。 无论您身在何处 ...

  9. Skype Support

    Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free.

  10. Skype Support

    Aug 23, 2012 · Describes the support offerings from Microsoft for Skype.

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