1. Snow leopard - Wikipedia


    Snow leopards are slightly smaller than the other big cats but, like them, exhibit a range of sizes, generally weighing between 27 and 55 kg (60 and 121 lb ...

  2. Snow Leopard | National Geographic


    Snow leopards prey upon the blue sheep (bharal) of Tibet and the Himalaya, as well as the mountain ibex found over most of the rest of their range.

  3. Basic Facts About Snow Leopards - Defenders of Wildlife

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    Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about snow leopards.

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    Learn about the snow leopard, as well as the threats it faces, what WWF is doing to conserve its future, and how you can help.

  5. Snow Leopard Facts


    Snow Leopard Facts. Why are snow leopards special? Snow Leopards are one of the most beautiful and mystical wild cats. They have a proud bearing and people are …

  6. Snow Leopard Trust - Official Site


    The Snow Leopard Trust aims to better understand the endangered snow leopard, and protect the cat in partnership with communities that share its habitat.

  7. Snow Leopard | Calgary Zoo


    Snow leopards are perfectly suited to their mountainous habitats. Visit them at the Calgary Zoo to find out why.

  8. BBC Nature - Snow leopard videos, news and facts

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    Snow leopard. Snow leopards are exceptional athletes capable of making huge leaps over ravines. They are highly adapted to their harsh environment in the mountainous ...

  9. The Threats - Snow Leopard Trust


    Wild snow leopards and their prey species share their habitat ... the Snow Leopard Trust's international research team is studying this endangered cat and its ...

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    Snow Leopard Trust Verified account @snowleopards. Protecting the endangered #snowleopard with sound science, community conservation programs and loads of …