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  1. Swahili language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is a Bantu language and the first language of the Swahili people. It is a lingua franca of the African Great Lakes region and other ...

  2. Swahili - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Swahili may refer to: Swahili people, an ethnic group in the African Great Lakes region; Swahili culture, the culture of the Swahili people; Swahili language, a Bantu ...

  3. BBC - Languages - Swahili - A Guide to Swahili - 10 facts ...

    Discover surprising and revealing facts about Swahili, including Swahili words used in the English language and Swahili jokes and quotes.

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  5. Useful Swahili Words -

    Useful Swahili Words. Pronunciation. To be able to pronounce Swahili words correctly, I strongly recommend the Teach Yourself Swahili CD. You can also check out the ...

  6. Swahili - definition of Swahili by The Free Dictionary

    Define Swahili. Swahili synonyms, Swahili pronunciation, Swahili translation, English dictionary definition of Swahili. n. pl. Swahili or Swa·hi·lis 1.

  7. Swahili language | African language |
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    Swahili language, also called kiSwahili, or Kiswahili, Bantu language spoken either as a mother tongue or as a fluent second language on the east coast of Africa in ...

  8. Swahili history -

    Regarding the history of the Swahili language, the older view linked to the colonial time asserts that the Swahili language originates from Arabs and Persians ...

  9. Swahili - English Dictionary (Kamusi ya Kiswahili ...

    Online Swahili - English Dictionary / Kamusi ya Kiswahili - Kiingereza Katika Mtandao

  10. Swahili phrasebook - Wikitravel

    Swahili or Kiswahili, is an official language of Tanzania, Kenya (English is the official language the government of Kenya and is widely spoken in urban areas), the ...

  11. Swahili alphabet, pronunciation and language - Omniglot

    Information about Swahili, a Bantu language spoken in much of east Africa by about 140 million people.

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