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  1. T'ai chi ch'uan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    T'ai chi ch'uan or tàijíquán, often shortened to t'ai chi, taiji or tai chi in English usage, is an internal Chinese martial art practised for both its defense ...


    Tilbyder undervisning i klassisk Tai Chi og Qigong til erhvervsliv og private. Kursusoversigt, artikler, video, forskning og litteratur.

  3. Taichí - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    El tai chi o tai chi chuan es un arte marcial desarrollado en el Imperio de China , practicado actualmente por varios millones de personas en el mundo entero, por lo ...

  4. Tai Chi Magazine and Wayfarer Publications

    Tai Chi for Liver, Kidney & Spleen By Jiang Jian-ye. Yang, Wu and Sun Tai Chi movements created by Jiang are used in combination to open, stimulate, massage …


    Tai chi (t'ai4 chi2 ch'üan2 , Wade-Giles ; tài jí quán , hanyu pinyin ; tai ji chuan (Yale)) is een Chinese neijia vechtkunst . Inhoud 1 Stijlen 2 Filosofie 3 De ...


    Le tai-chi-chuan ou tai chi ou taiji quan (chinois simplifié: 太极拳 ; chinois traditionnel: 太極拳 ; pinyin: tàijíquán Écouter ; Wade: t'ai⁴chi²ch ...

  7. Home - Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi

    Want to live a healthier & happier life? Explore the art of Taoist Tai Chi through the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism and benefit from a healthy body & mind.


    Das Taijiquan (chinesisch 太極拳 / 太极拳 , Pinyin Tàijí Quán , IPA (hochchinesisch) [tʰâid̥ʑ̥ǐtɕʰɥɛ̌n], W.-G. T’ai Chi Ch’üan), auch Tai-Chi ...

  9. Yellow Dragon Tai Chi

    Yellow Dragon provide training in all aspects of Tai Chi. Services include Tai Chi classes, seminars, courses and books.

  10. Tai Chi Training Dvd |Tai Chi Books | Chinese Tai Chi ...

    Shop for top selling Tai Chi training and instructional dvds and save with our low prices. We also offer a full range of Tai Chi music and educational books to suit ...

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