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  1. Blogging Thoughts on SharePoint

    A blog about Microsoft SharePoint. Posts about technical features including training and video training for SharePoint. Posts about the purpose of Microsoft

  2. Talking SharePoint Security

    Talking SharePoint Security SharePoint Metadata and Classification and more. Extending SharePoint RMS (IRM) Support to Mobile January 2nd, 2015 .

  3. [Webinar] Talking SharePoint Trends 2015 with the Experts

    In this webinar on October 22 2014, SharePoint experts will gather to talk about tends, changes that we're expecting in 2015. Don’t miss the train!

  4. Talking SharePoint Security » Extending SharePoint RMS ...

    Microsoft RMS support, also know as Information Rights Management (IRM), has been supported in SharePoint since the SharePoint V3 release. This functionality allows ...

  5. sharepoint search | Blogging Thoughts on SharePoint - Part 3

    The Talking-SharePoint blog is sponsored by Rehmani Consulting, Inc., the publisher and owner of Individual, Group and Multi-User unlimited ...

  6. My SharePoint 2010 Journal

    My SharePoint 2010 Journal Just talking SharePoint to my self. Thursday, July 21, 2011. Alternate local DNS and Disable Loop Back check configuration.

  7. Talking SharePoint Best Practices with Spence Harbar

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    Between Two Farms, hosted by SharePoint MVP Benjamin Niaulin will cover each week a theme, with insights and news of Microsoft's world. SharePoint, Yammer ...