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  1. List of Unification Church affiliated organizations ...

    There are a number of organizations founded, run, or supported by the Unification Church, and its founder Sun Myung Moon. Commentators have mentioned Moon's …

  2. Unification Movement |

    Welcome to our site! The Unification Movement is a movement to encourage spiritual maturity in individuals and to promote the value of the extended family ...

  3. Unification Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, founded as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, and commonly called the ...

  4. Unification Home Page

    They are the enemies of God, the True Parents, the Unification Church, all of Christianity, and all religions. We are working to mobilize a united front against them.

  5. What is the Unification Movement? - Bible Questions Answered

    What is the Unification Movement? What are the beliefs of the Unification Movement? Who are the Moonies? What is a Moonie?

  6. UNIFICATION CHURCH: - Religious tolerance -- all points of ...

    The Unification Church, founded ... the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity celebrated their 40th anniversary in Seoul, Korea.

  7. Italian unification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    With the motto "Free from the Alps to the Adriatic", the unification movement set its gaze on Rome and Venice. There were obstacles, however.

  8. What is the Unification Movement? What are the beliefs of ...
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    • Published 15-01-2010

    15-01-2010 · Answer: The Unification movement is led by a man named Rev. Sun Myung Moon who started it in the 1940's. The movement immediately became …

  9. Unification Communities |

    This is the Communities page, part of the official site of the Unification Movement UK, sometimes known as the Moonies.

  10. Unification Movement - World News

    Unification movement(One Family Under God), Unification Church (Beyond the Cross p.1), Open Letter on behalf of the Unification Movement, Moonies: The Unification ...

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