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  1. Unification Movement |

    Welcome to our site! The Unification Movement is a movement to encourage spiritual maturity in individuals and to promote the value of the extended family ...

  2. List of Unification Church affiliated organizations ...

    There are a number of organizations founded, run, or supported by the Unification Church, and its founder Sun Myung Moon. Commentators have mentioned Moon's belief in ...

  3. Unification Home Page

    A presentation of the life and teachings of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. Includes articles, calendar, family tree, bookstore, testimonies, MIDI song files, poetry ...

  4. :: Unification Movement - Shanthivanam ::

    (Shanthivanam) Hi, I'm Mathew joseph. I declared myself as a one world citizen, i am beyond caste race nationality, having no religion, at the same time I like to ...

  5. What is the Unification Movement? -

    What is the Unification Movement? What are the beliefs of the Unification Movement? Who are the Moonies? What is a Moonie?

  6. Unification Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, founded as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, and commonly called the ...

  7. Unification Movement Ireland-Home

    MBCNET (Korean Nationwide Cable TV) Special Documentary Program "Peace-Loving Global Citizens" Broadcast: 2014, April 11th (3 pm), 13th (6 pm)

  8. Unification movement - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

    The Unification movement (also known as the Romulan-Vulcan Unification movement) was the name of an underground group that existed within the Romulan …

  9. UNIFICATION CHURCH: - Religious Tolerance

    Christian faith groups The Unification Church, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Sponsored link.

  10. The Unification Movement - Unification Home Page

    The Unification Movement (All of the below listed Home Pages and FTP-sites are the personal ministry of their authors and are not an official ministry of the ...

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