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  1. Why Microsoft - Learn about Microsoft's strategic and ...

    At Microsoft, we combine more than two decades of innovation and experience to create cutting-edge solutions that deliver higher performance, lower costs, ...

  2. Microsoft Business Productivity - Microsoft Showcase Videos

    Mar 20, 2014 · Microsoft Showcase Homepage

  3. Compare Microsoft Productivity Software and Solutions

    Compare the integration, services, software and reliability of Microsoft to competitors and see why Microsoft is the leader in productivity software and unified ...

  4. Best Productivity Experience

    Learn how Microsoft delivers the best productivity experience across the PC, browser and mobile phone. Integrated, anytime, anywhere access to data and tools are ...

  5. Microsoft Office Is Still the Productivity Suite Leader

    Microsoft Office Is Still the Productivity Suite Leader

    Oct 23, 2013 · It shows that while there are alternatives to Microsoft Office, ... Forrester's recent report on productivity ... and still the dominant productivity

  6. Microsoft Takes on Google Docs on WhyMicrosoftProductivity

    Feb 21, 2012 · Taking a cue from I'm a MAC, I'm a PC in reverse, Microsoft goes on the attack against "Googlighting." What happens when the world's largest advertising ...

  7. Microsoft SharePoint | Collaboration and management software

    Share, organise and discover information with Microsoft SharePoint. Read case studies, learn about SharePoint Online and discover Apps for SharePoint.

  8. Case Study: Veyance Technologies - Why Microsoft

    Veyance Technologies manufactures and sells branded Goodyear Engineered Products. After the company was spun off from Goodyear in 2007, Veyance inherited ...

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