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  2. ws2_32.dll free download -

    Download and install ws2_32.dll for free! Fix dll missing or corrupted error. Choose to solve it yourself or get help by using our Fixer software. ... This is the Trial version of the DLL-Files Fixer and will contain ads as well as optional ...

  3. ”プロシージャエントリーポイントgetnameinfoが ...- Yahoo!知恵袋 this page

    2008/01/09 · 【ベストアンサー】そのソフトは、ws2_32.dllというライブラリに入っているgetnameinfoという関数を呼び出すように作られています。ws2_32.dllはいわゆるWinsock2と呼ばれるライブラリで、Windows NT系のOS ...

  4. Function Exports Missing from Ws2_32.dll

    2014/06/19 · If you run a program that uses Windows Sockets on Terminal Server Edition, you may receive an error message similar indicating that an entry point is missing from Ws2_32.dll, as shown in the following examples ...

  5. ws2_32.dll wsock32.dll send sendto 注意 - lionzl的专栏 ... this page

    我们知道,WS2_32.DLL导出了send、sendto、recv、recvfrom、WSASend、WSASendTo、WSARecv和WSARecvFrom,而WSOCK32.DLL也导出了send、sendto、recv、recvfrom函数(OD只能看到WSOCK32.DLL的recv ...

  6. ws2 32.dlld3dx932.dll_官方下载 this page

    [quote] [size=4][b][url=]ws2 32.dlld3dx932.dll[/url][/b][/size] [b]软件大小:[/b] 3.3 MB [b]软件语言:[/b] 简体中文 [b]软件类别:[/b] 剪贴工具 [b]运行环境:[/b] WinXP / Win7/ [b]授权方式:[/b] 免费软件

  7. 无法定位程序输入点 getaddrinfo 于动态链接库WS2_32.dll上 ... · Translate this page

    2010/01/22 · 无法定位程序输入点 getaddrinfo 于动态链接库WS2_32.dll上 悬赏分:0 - 提问时间: 2010年01月22日 19时09分 还有我从其他正常 ... 如要参与问答产品讨论,请 发送邮件至。(请自行将#改为@)

  8. 请教异常LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "ws2_32.dll" this page

    请问错误LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "ws2_32.dll"在C:\WINDOWS\system32查找存在这个文件ws2_32.dll,并且已经在project-> setting-> link里面添加了这个dl

  9. windows2000 実験室 @wiki - KDW this page

    fcwin2kの FileFilterのインデックスを保存するようにした。 Ez Install Mode を復活。 Kernel32.dllとShell32.dllにレジスタの参照ミスがあったので修正 kernel32.dllにTzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTimeを追加。 shell32.dllの SHCreateShellItemと ...

  10. Printer status error shows WS2_32.dll_unloaded problem ...

    Every time I try to print I get an error & Microsoft Windows wants me to either "Check online for a solution...) or "Close" But I neer get a solutation for the problem. Problem signature: Problem

  11. How to Install Binkw32.Dll | eHow

    2009/07/06 · How to Install Binkw32.Dll. Binkw32.dll is a Windows Dynamic Link Library file associated with the Bink Media Player. Without this .dll file, the Bink Media Player may not function properly or be able to access all of the ...

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