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  1. Windows Media Codecs (Windows)

    The Windows Media Audio and Video codecs are a collection of objects that you can use to compress and decompress digital media data.

  2. Download Windows Media Player 9 Series Software ...
    • 9.3 MB ·
    • Version 9 Series ·
    • Published Dec 19, 2003

    The Microsoft® Windows Media® Player 9 Series Software Development Kit (SDK) provides information and tools to customize Windows Media Player and to use the Windows ...

  3. Windows Media Player - Microsoft Windows

    Visit the official Windows Media Player website -- downloads, support, skins, and more.

  4. Windows Media - Microsoft Windows

    Get information about Windows Media Player and other Windows Media technologies.

  5. Download Windows Media Services 9 series for Windows ...
    • 15.2 MB ·
    • Version 9.0 ·
    • Published Feb 19, 2008

    Microsoft Windows Media Services 9 Series is an industrial-strength platform for streaming live or on-demand audio and video content over the Internet or an intranet.

  6. Windows Media Player 9 Series and 10 Series Add-in for ... › … › Windows Software › Developer Tools › ActiveX

    This add-in enables new capabilities for FrontPage users including the ability to: Easily embed the Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series control into FrontPage ...

  7. Windows Media Streaming Services

    The Streaming Media Services role enables you to manage delivery of live or on-demand digital media content, including Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media ...

  8. FIX: Updates for Windows Media Player 9 Series and for ...

    Describes a series of fixes for Windows Media Player.

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