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  1. Apps for Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Windows 8.1 gives you access to the Windows Store where you can check out customer favorites, browse apps collections, and get personalized recommendations.

    • Windows Store

      Learn how to get apps from the Windows Store and use them on …

    • Help With Apps

      Microsoft Store Info for Info for Developers IT professionals ...

    • Email & Socialize

      The People app is your address book and your social app all in one. …

    • Troubleshoot

      Learn how to troubleshoot problems with an app you installed from the …

    • Photo Gallery

      Learn how Photo Gallery helps you organize and edit your photos, …

    • Develop Apps

      Windows Store apps

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  2. Free download Windows 8 Apps - Windows Phone apps + … is a legal platform where you can download free Windows 8 .xap files (apps, games, etc.) and it doesn't contain any cracked or illegal .xap file.

  3. Windows 10 App Store - Windows 10 apps free download

    Free download Windows 10 Apps, Windows Phone apps, Windows 10 software and much more on Windows 10 App Store.

  4. Windows 8 Apps

    Download the best apps for Windows 8 ... I think that OneDrive already sounds a lot better than the SkyDrive we have right now.

  5. The 40 Best Windows 8.1 Apps |,2817,2415211,00.asp

    Some marquee names have joined the flock of Windows 8 apps, including an official Facebook app, Dropbox, Flipboard, Vevo, Foursquare, Rhapsody, and TripAdvisor.

  6. Apps for Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Discover popular apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Halo Spartan Assault, Twitter, Angry Birds, Skype, Asphalt 8, Wikipedia, Flipboard and more.

  7. Windows 8.1 Apps | Download Apps for Windows 8

    Download free and new Apps for Microsoft Windows 8 online. Install best and top download useful Windows 8 apps

  8. Windows 8 Apps , Reviews, News, Tips

    Wind8Apps is a blog with the mission of reviewing Windows 8 applications and educating Windows 8 users with tips and news.

    • Get Google Apps

      Get Gmail for Work, Google Calendar, Google Docs and more!

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