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  1. Apps for Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Windows 8.1 gives you access to the Windows Store where you can check out customer favorites, browse apps collections, and get personalized recommendations.

  2. Windows Dev Center

    Content, samples, downloads, design inspiration, videos, and other resources you need to complete your app development project for Windows Phone and Windows devices.

  3. - Windows 8 Apps

    Download the best apps for Windows 8 ... I think that OneDrive already sounds a lot better than the SkyDrive we have right now.

  4. 8appstore - Windows 10 App Store - Windows 10 apps free ...

    Free download Windows 10 Apps, Windows Phone apps, Windows 10 software and much more on Windows 10 App Store.

  5. - Free download Windows 8 Apps - Windows ... is a legal platform where you can download free Windows 8 .xap files (apps, games, etc.) and it doesn't contain any cracked or illegal .xap file.

  6. Windows - Microsoft Windows

    The official website for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Explore Windows information, get downloads, and find the latest PCs for Windows.

  7. 远景Windows8应用主题站,Windows8应用推荐,windows8 ... this page

    生活信息 111 [WP8]和卖家侃吧——旺信 By kentooo On 2013-8-20 18:34 想用:149 已用:139 查看:19552 评论:111 对于网购一族而言,货比三家免不了要和老板 ...

  8. 'web browser' in Windows 8 Apps -

    Download the best apps for Windows 8 filtered by web browser

  9. Best Windows 8 Apps | Maximum PC

    Best Windows 8 Apps

    Windows 8.1 is here and no, Microsoft has not removed the modern UI. So to make the best of the situation, we decided to update our best Windows 8 apps

  10. Downloads for building Store appsWindows app

    Downloads for building Store apps. Now you can build a Store app that can target each form factor of Windows devices through the shared Windows Runtime in Windows 8

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