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  1. Apps for Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Windows 8.1 gives you access to the Windows Store where you can check out customer favorites, browse apps collections, and get personalized recommendations.

  2. 8appstore - Windows 10 App Store - Windows 10 apps free ...

    Free download Windows 10 Apps, Windows Phone apps, Windows 10 software and much more on Windows 10 App Store.

  3. Windows Dev Center

    Content, samples, downloads, design inspiration, videos, and other resources you need to complete your app development project for Windows Phone and Windows devices.

  4. Apps for Windows - Microsoft Windows

    Discover popular apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Halo Spartan Assault, Twitter, Angry Birds, Skype, Asphalt 8, Wikipedia, Flipboard and more.

  5. Windows 8 App Store: What We Know So Far | PCWorld

    Sep 14, 2011 · Microsoft's prototype of its Windows Store. Wondering what buying apps in Windows 8 will be like using Microsoft's new app store, dubbed the Windows Store?

  6. 微软证实Windows 8内建App Store应用程序商店 - CNET ... this page

    微软Windows总裁Steven Sinofsky在博客中公布了Windows 8的开发团队,一长串的名单中也包括了App Store开发团队。此消息也验证了先前的传闻。 关于Windows应用程 …

  7. 微软公布Windows 8 App Store详细规则:收费App最低标价 ... this page

    随着微软的移动战略(平板与智能手机)越来越清晰,其Windows 8 App Store的详细规则也于上周通过其 官方博客正式公布。相对于苹果和Google的App Store,微软的App Store

  8. 惊!Windows 8 确认将拥有 App Store 软件商店 this page

    Windows 的总裁 Steven Sinofsky就确认了 Windows 8将拥有软件商店(App Store)服务的消息。在介绍软件开发小组列表时,象话家常般的随意提及这样的大消息...,感 …

  9. Windows8越狱教程之 Windows 8 Store Apps解锁_win8_新锋网 this page

    想必大家一定很关心Apps的破解问题吧,今天就为大家提供一种Windows 8 Store Apps的破解方法,可以把大多数Apps的“试用版”破解为“正式版”。

  10. app store Windows 8 免费下载 this page

    app store Windows 8 下载- iTunes 11.4: 苹果公司官方开发的最热门音乐软件,以及更多软件 ... iTunes 11.4 Icon 说明 苹果公司官方开发的最热门音乐软件....传输。 App Store

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