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  1. Embedded Systems Powered by Windows Embedded OS | Microsoft

    Build your intelligent systems with Microsoft Windows Embedded to maximize profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction for retail, manufacturing, and medical.

  2. IT Infrastructure Technology & Software | Microsoft

    Industry Solutions . With proven solutions for retail, health, ... Select an industry to learn more about Windows Embedded solutions. Retail Health Manufacturing

  3. Microsoft Solutions - Windows Embedded XP Migration

    ... and the new class of business intelligence solutions with Windows Embedded. ... Sign up here to receive your FREE Windows Embedded Solutions Guide. First …

  4. Windows Embedded Solutions | LinkedIn

    Group Profile. Private group. To request membership, click Join and your request will be reviewed by the group manager. Windows Embedded is a family of operating ...

  5. Windows Embedded

    Windows Embedded Compact. Windows Embedded Compact is a modular real-time embedded operating system for small footprint and mobile 32-bit intelligent and …

  6. Home - Adeneo Embedded

    Adeneo Embedded provides world-class design, system integration, support and training expertise to companies seeking solutions based on Windows Embedded, Windows ...

  7. Windows Embedded Automotive - MSDN Blogs › Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Automotive; Windows Embedded Compact; ... We wanted to showcase for you some of the highlights that focus on Windows Embedded solutions

  8. Sentinel Embedded Solutions | Securing Embedded Software ...

    Sentinel LDK Embedded. Sentinel LDK provides token-based license enforcement for device manufacturers and software vendors selling into the Embedded market.

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