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  1. Store | Windows IT Pro

    The technology world changes daily, and sometimes hourly, so keeping up with the skills as an IT professional is crucial. We provide this information through online ...

  2. Limits in NetBIOS, computer/printer names, share names ...

    Most of the limitations listed below are related to the use of the NetBIOS protocol and/or WINS. Limits in Active Directory: # , + " \ > are special characters in ...

  3. Keep ASP.NET ViewState out of ASPX Page for Performance ... › … › Web Development › View State › Viewstate
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    How you could improve performance of your ASP.NET projects, keeping ViewState on the server instead of on the ASPX page.

  4. Welcome to Outlook Exchange

    HOW TO CHANGE THE DEFAULT OUTLOOK FORMS . Small and large organizations usually would use customized outlook forms for contacts etc. In order to accomplish …

  5. How to Make a MS SQL Server Structure Dump

    A structure dump will contain SQL statements to create the table and/or populate the table. This article will tell you how to make a dump for your MS SQL Server database

  6. SQL Server Forums - sql server is using all the memory

    sql server seems to be using a huge amount of ram & virtual memory - how can I get to the bottom to what is causing this?

  7. Lan Leased Time - Wireless and Wifi Forums
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    • First post: Jul 30, 2005

    Jeff Liebermann wrote: > Nothing. The Windoze algorithm for renewing the lease is to request a > renewal at half the lease time. So, if you issue a 1 hr lease,

  8. download - PPT - PowerPoint Presentations |

    Upload and Download Files using Filezilla - Learn how to transfer (download and upload) files using FTP Connection in Filezilla.

  9. Understanding Windows Shared Permissions vs NTFS Security ...

    There is at least one scenario where you would like to set share permissions: If You as the Admin want to be in control of the access control in the directory tree ...

  10. Finding performance bottlenecks and their resolutions in ... › … › Programming Tips › General
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    This article will address tools and technologies to identify bottlenecks and key consideration points for performance improvement.