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    System builders: Learn about downgrade rights for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Server, including which OEM product versions are eligible for downgrade.

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    Jun 09, 2015 · Downgrade from Windows 7 to Vista KO. KodakGold asked on May 26, 2010. how can I get rid of Windows 7? and restore Vista 18 people had this …

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    Apr 03, 2013 · Describes the factors that determine whether you can downgrade Windows 8 to an earlier version of Windows. ... How to downgrade from Windows 8

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    Problem is, downgrading a Vista PC to Windows XP can be a chore, and doubly so if you want to do it without reformatting your hard disk. The main roadblock is Windows ...

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    Downgrade from Windows 8 to Vista. evandrews Apr 21, 2013, 9:46 PM. I have a Gateway laptop that came with Windows 8. I have tried for several weeks to get used …

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    Microsoft Corp.'s decision last week to delay the end of Windows XP sales five months means users have just that much longer to jilt Vista and return to the older ...

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    We have already shown you how to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP so that you can get back to your earlier Windows XP state from Windows 7. This arti

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    If you aren't a fan of Windows 8 but want a new laptop that comes with Windows 8 preinstalled, you'll be happy to know you can actually downgrade it to Windows 7 ...

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    Ditching Vista: How To Downgrade To Windows XP. If sluggish performance and numerous bugs in your shiny new PC running Windows Vista have got you down, ...

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    Jun 21, 2010 · Although Windows 7 is better than Windows XP and Vista, But why some users are downgrading from Windows 7 to Vista or XP?