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    The right kind of flooring in a home can make a real difference to how a rich room looks and feels. These days you have a huge amount of options to explore, so

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    RUGSCHEAP carpet stores in Springfield, your hometown flooring stores. Illinois flooring stores offering carpet installation, hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl

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    RUGSCHEAP carpet stores in Savannah, your hometown flooring stores. Georgia flooring stores offering carpet installation, hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl

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    At RUGSCHEAP we have a nationwide network of flooring experts just waiting to help you with your flooring questions. For the most competitive carpet

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    Hardwood flooring can be an ideal flooring choice for any part of your home as it adds classical beauty and brings warmth and value to your house. It is a

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    The preparation of the tile subflooring is vital to the lifespan of your new RUGSCHEAP tile floor. The sub-flooring should be leveled and if it’s concrete, ...

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    Berber carpet has become a popular choice for couples with children or other high-traffic areas of the home. This is thanks to its durability and longevity

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    Vinyl tiles are produced by vinyl flooring manufacturers as alternatives to linoleum because they're colorful, easy to clean, water and crack resistant,

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    Ever hear the term coming back in style? Like everything else, carpet styles and terminology change every few decades like the term ‘Shag’ carpet,

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