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  2. Xbox One - Official Site

    Experience a new generation of games and entertainment with Xbox. The best games and entertainment on all of your devices.

  3. Microsoft secures 'Xbox 8' name -

    Jul 03, 2012 · Microsoft has trademarked the name "Xbox 8," leading to speculation about a possible new gaming console.

  4. Xbox 8′ tipped as name of next-gen Microsoft gaming ...

    Jul 04, 2012 · Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console may be called “Xbox 8,” or perhaps Xbox Infinity, according to a recent report. The software giant ...


    Jul 03, 2012 · Microsoft has secured multiple domains related to the term 'Xbox 8,' rehashing old rumors that this could be the name of its next console.

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  7. Xbox 8′ Is a Better Name For Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

    Microsoft secures several Xbox-related domains include a pair for 'Xbox 8.' Here's why that's a better name for the Xbox 360 successor and it has to do with Windows 8.

  8. Will the Next-Gen Xbox Console Be Named: XBOX 8? | This Is ...

    The hype for a next-generation Xbox console is well and truly hotting up; more-so since the news hit that Microsoft are rolling out production of developer

  9. Will the Xbox 720 run Windows 8? | ExtremeTech › Computing

    If the xbox could run windows apps it’d be very nice. I don’t think windows 8 would actually be able to run xbox games, that’d be a big hit on the console sales.

  10. Microsoft wins domain, but what does it mean ...

    Microsoft has moved to acquire the domain name, leading to speculation regarding the real identity of the next-gen 'Xbox 720' console. The gaming giant won ...

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