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  1. FIFA Interactive World Cup FIWC Exclusive on PS3 - Xbox ...

    Yesterday, you would be forgiven for not knowing, saw the start of the FIFA Interactive world cup. No you did miss it for a reason, It is Playstation 3 only i’m afraid.

  2. FIFA Interactive World Cup -

    Brazilian football legend Ronaldo spoke exclusively to during the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final in Rio De Janeiro.

  3. FIFA Interactive World Cup -

    What is the FIWC? The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is the biggest virtual tournament in the world. Participants from every continent battle it out to be crowned ...

  4. FIWC Stadium? - - Xbox One, Xbox
    • 7 replies from April 2011

    I'm currently going towards the "Home and Away" achievement, and in the list of stadiums for this game apparantely there is a stadium called FIWC stadium.

  5. FIWC Stadium - How to unlock -
    • 8 replies from October 2008

    FIWC Stadium - How to unlock FIFA 09 ... Alright ive won in all Stadiums but im missing this one as its not on the list.So im thinking that you need to unlock it.Any ...

  6. FIWC Archives - FIFA Soccer Blog

    Make sure you tune into the live broadcast of the FIWC finals this evening. The FIFA ... press event preview PS3 review screenshots tom mills ultimate team video xbox ...

  7. EA Forums - Electronic Arts

    And I can guarantee you that all those best players have PS3/Xbox. FIWC is played on PS3 exclusively. 2.5 millions participate to qualification for Fifa 2013.