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  2. What is XML SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol - SOAP › … › SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

    What is SOAP? XML SOAP is a language that allows a program running in one operating system to communicate with another program in another operating system over the ...

  3. SOAP Envelope -

    Prose in the spec does not specify that attributes are allowed on the Body element 'encodingStyle' indicates any canonicalization conventions followed in the contents ...

  4. SOAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    SOAP, originally an acronym for Simple Object Access protocol, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web …

  5. SOAP Introduction - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is a protocol for accessing web services. SOAP is based on XML.

  6. Understanding SOAP - MSDN - Microsoft

    SOAP 1.1 only defines a single role named (next, for short). Every SOAP node is required to assume the next role.

  7. WSDL Framework -

    This type is extended by component types to allow them to be documented This type is extended by component types to allow attributes from other namespaces to be ...


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