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  1. SQL Server XQuery Methods - Dot Net Tricks

    Sql Server provides xquery methods to query xml file or xml data. Using these methods we can Insert, Update, Delete data in xml file or in XML Data Type variable.

  2. XQuery Language Reference (SQL Server)

    Transact-SQL supports a subset of the XQuery language that is used for querying the xml data type. This XQuery implementation is aligned with the July 2004 Working ...


    Web service – Generating summary reports on data stored in an XM L database ... – XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators • the built-in functions

  4. XQuery and Web Services - Stylus Studio

    XQuery provides a flexible means for data abstraction, while Web services provide process abstraction. In this online video demonstration, learn how integrated XQuery ...

  5. XML Editor, XML Tools, and XQuery - Stylus Studio

    Converting Data to XML, Generating Java Code, Learn XSLT, Learn XQuery, Learn Web Services; XML Tutorials: XQuery Primer, Using XML Converters, ...

  6. Xquery Web Service - World News

    XQuery Web Service, XQuery Web Service - Stylus Studio, TUTORIAL XQuery Web Service Stylus Studio, O'Reilly Webcast: Building RESTful Service with XQuery & …

  7. CiteSeerX — Citation Query Microsoft Corporation ...

    CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Microsoft Corporation. Available online at

  8. XQuery -

    XQuery. DataDirect XQuery is an implementation of XQuery that can query XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, or a combination of data sources.

  9. Introduction to XQuery in SQL Server 2005

    Reporting Services: ... This white paper provides an introduction to various features of XQuery implemented in SQL Server 2005 such as the FLWOR statement, ...