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  1. Querying XML Data with XQuery, Part 2 - Down; Since at least July 27, 2003, has been down. (See this blog entry.) In any event, the word from Microsoft is that this ...

  2. CiteSeerX — Citation Query Microsoft Corporation ...

    CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Microsoft Corporation. Available online at

  3. XQuery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    XQuery is a query and functional programming language that is designed to query and transform collections of structured and unstructured data, usually in the form of ...

  4. Datypic XQuery services

    Datypic XQuery services Training. We teach hands-on XQuery training courses that range from 1 to 4 days in length. The courses can be customized to suit your needs ...

  5. Just My Luck - is Down - Scott On ...

    It's what every technical writer fears: the moment you complete your latest book/article, what you write about either becomes obsolete or impossible for people to use.

  6. XML Query Language | Coding Forums › Archive
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    • First post: Mar 05, 2006

    As microsoft brought XML Qurey back to live!! Any Ideas? The site :- as been down for a long time.. Patrick

  7. XQuery, the Query Language of the Future : Page 3

    XQuery, the Query Language of the Future : Page 3 XQuery 1.0 still has to reach W3C Recommendation status, but the available implementations and technology previews ...

  8. Microsoft.Xml.XQuery download - Experts Exchange › … › Prog Languages › .NET Programming

    Microsoft.Xml.XQuery download Asked by: zlatev 07-26-2003 Solved by: farsight. ... (Microsoft's is listed, too, but as we know, it doesn't respond.)