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    In Hindu philosophy, yoga is the name of one of the six orthodox (which accept the testimony of Vedas) philosophical schools.[129][130] The yoga school was founded by Patanjali. Karel Werner, author of Yoga And Indian Philosophy, believes that the process of systematization of yoga which began in the middle and Yoga ...


    Pure Yoga致力服務亞洲的瑜伽社群,於香港設立了六間瑜伽中心,並提供廣泛的瑜伽課程,如哈達瑜伽、高溫瑜伽、孕婦瑜伽、私人瑜伽課程、瑜伽研習班及靜修之旅等。


    Pure Yoga致力服務亞洲的瑜珈社群,於台灣設立了兩間瑜珈會館,並提供廣泛的瑜珈課程,如哈達瑜珈、熱瑜珈、力量瑜珈、陰瑜珈,及私人瑜珈課程和瑜珈靜修之旅。

  4. Yoga Asanas, Yoga Videos & Workouts | is more than just a site about yoga with asanas, yoga videos and articles. It's a friendly community of beautiful people who chose to be free, open and happy.


    Dickson Yoga - 由Yoga Master - Dickson Lau親自設立,位於尖沙咀,逾萬呎瑜伽中心,專業教授高溫瑜伽,瘦身瑜伽,創意瑜伽課程。 ... 今次嘅旅程除咗有12日可以 …

  6. Yoga Hong Kong | The Yoga Room

    The Yoga Room is a boutique yoga studio in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, HK. The Yoga Room is a sanctuary amidst the chaos below with its spacious and bright feel.

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    mYoga provides a variety of mind, soul and body programmes under one roof with daily yoga classes and group exercises including beginners yoga, hot yoga, sun salutations, hatha, ashtanga, yogic, meditation, massage, therapy, pre-natal yoga, women's yoga ...


    由於詢眾要求加開港島班,星期六下午將加開一班! 香港銅鑼灣白沙道三號三樓 名額有限,如有與趣請盡快報名 Upon students' request, one additional class is now available …


    提供瑜伽介紹、課程及導師資料。 香港瑜珈教練總會:瑜珈,Yoga,Yoga Course,Yoga Class,Yoga Hong Kong,Yoga


    Priya Yoga 是由一班專業瑜伽導師組成及教授,本校 Priya Yoga 開辦各類瑜伽課程, 有小童瑜伽課程(Children Yoga Course)、成人瑜伽課程(Adult Yoga Course)及孕婦產前/產後瑜伽課程(Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga

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