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  1. Cannot connect to Windows Live ID: Location setting doesn ...
    • Last updated: Dec 10, 2010 ·
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    • First post: Nov 17, 2010

    Nov 09, 2010 · Cannot connect to Windows Live ID: Location setting doesn't match the setting for your computer

  2. Zune and Pc not recognizing Samsung Focus when connect ...
    • Last updated: Feb 10, 2011 ·
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    • First post: Feb 09, 2011

    Feb 09, 2011 · Hi, I have had my Samsung focus for about a week now. I was able to download Zune and sync my phone at 1st; however when I went to connect it again …

  3. How to Unfreeze a Zune | eHow › Electronics › Personal Audio › Zune

    How to Unfreeze a Zune. Every portable device can encounter an error and lock up from time to time, and the Microsoft Zune audio player is no exception. In the event ...

  4. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" is a single by Brazilian band Cansei de Ser Sexy from their first album Cansei de Ser Sexy. The song was featured in a Zune advertisement in ...

  5. | Zune News and Forum - Home

    Microsoft Zune player is here. Check the latest Zune News and join the user Forum and the first Zune group on Last.FM . Share your Zune experience!

  6. Zune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Zune is a brand of digital media products and services developed by Microsoft. Zune included a line of portable media players, digital media player software for ...

  7. Zune Music + Video - Xbox | Official Site

    Zune Music and Video on Xbox 360 delivers HD movies, TV shows and chart-topping tunes direct to your living room.


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