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  1. Zune Battery Life | Zune 120 & 16

    Zune battery life for the 16gb Zune will be 24 hours at best. Battery life for the Zune 120 will meet or exceed the Zune 80 battery life. Audio numbers assume screen ...


    May 18, 2007 · Microsoft Zune Commercial: The ZuneScape with Mims "This is Why I'm Hot" (Rock version). One Zune sends this track ...

  3. The location setting for your Windows LIve ID doesn't ...
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    The location setting for your Windows LIve ID doesn't match the setting for your computer (AU)

  4. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" is a single by Brazilian band Cansei de Ser Sexy from their first album Cansei de Ser Sexy. The song was featured in a Zune advertisement in ...

  5. Zune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Zune was a brand of digital media products and services marketed by Microsoft. Zune included a line of portable media players, digital media player software for ...

  6. Zune Music + Video

    Zune Music and Video on Xbox 360 delivers HD movies, TV shows and chart-topping tunes direct to your living room.