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  1. augurimessenger
    1. Hilmor Dual Readout Thermometer And Clamps DROT2TCC
    2. Weatherhawk WM-100 WindMate Anemometer Basic Handheld Wind Meter
    3. Chimes Of Your Life Wind Chime, 19", Doberman Pinscher, Silver, Wind Chimes,Wood / Aluminum
      Houzz Inc
    4. Digitla Anemometer - Portable Wind Speed Meter, Thermometer, Quick
    5. General Tools NISTCIH20DL Data Logging Anemometer With CFM/CMM And 8:1 IR Thermometer With NIST Cal
      Test Equipment Depot
    6. Adorable Gnome Sayin 4 Piece Seated Garden Gnome Set, Multicolored
    7. BrewBuilt 3" Dial Thermometer - 6" Probe
    8. Extech HD300 CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer W/Built-In InfaRed Thermometer
      Test Equipment Depot
    9. $599.00
      General Tools CIH30DL Data Logging Anemometer With CFM / CMM And 30:1 IR Thermometer
      Test Equipment Depot
    10. Comark - PK19M - K-Type Thermometer Probe
    11. Design Toscano Dieter, The Digger Garden Gnome Statue
    12. ALLA Digital Thermometer With Probe -40F To 572F
      Adventures in Homebrewing
    13. Design Toscano Dieter The Digger Garden Gnome Statue, Multicolor
    14. Good Robert The Garden Gnome - 408-NG
    15. Comark KM400AP Allergen Pocket Digital Thermometer, -58 To 400F/-50 To
      Davis Instruments
    16. General Tools Dt898p Digital Thermometer Indoor Outdoor
    17. Lab Thermometer - Laboratory Temperature - Digital General Tools And Instruments
      Tool Experts
    18. Sur La Table Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer And Timer, Silver
      Sur La Table
    19. Atd Thermometers & Timers Tools 3412 Digital
    20. Briggs And Stratton Genuine Part 1737297YP BRKT, SUPPORT, AUGER
      SLE Equipment
    21. Engstler Weatherhouse V, Household Thermometers, By Alexander Taron
      Houzz Inc
    22. $66.50
      Comark DTH880 Specialty Thermometers
      KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc.
    23. Mini Thermo-Anemometer
      Home Depot
    24. General Tools Analog Thermometer 321
    25. $41.97
      PMA82 Digital Anemometer And Thermometer For Measuring Wind Speed, Computers Thermometer Wind New Temperature 3V Pyle Pma82 Max Digi For.., By Pyle
    26. $19.99
      Maverick Housewares Replacement Food Thermometer Probe
      Sportsman's Guide
    27. AIH Thermometer 6 Inch Probe
      Adventures in Homebrewing
    28. Antique Sprengers Dairy Advertising Thermometer 1920's Rare
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