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  1. bidclix
    1. $14.95
      Bio Bidet BioBidet Travel Bidet TP-70 Blue
    2. Bio Bidet Ultimate Elongated Electric Bidet Seat In White
      Bed Bath & Beyond
    3. Bio Bidet The Palm TP-70 Non-Electric Travel Bidet
      Sam's Club
    4. Gobidet 2012w Hand Held Bidet ,7/8 In,white
    5. Bio Bidet White Bidet Attachment Elite 3
    6. $86.08
      Colostomy Pouch Premier Flextend One-Piece System 12 Inch
    7. Bio Bidet Biobidet Aura Elongated Electric Bidet Seat With Control Panel In White
      Bed Bath & Beyond
    8. $79.37
      Ostomy Pouch Esteemsynergy 12 Inch Length 1-3/8 Inch Stoma
    9. $96.68
      Ostomy Pouch Esteem + One-Piece System 12 Inch Length 13/16 To
    10. Bio Bidet Elite 3 Bidet Accessory
    11. CenterPointLock Drainable Ostomy Mini-Pouch - Beige
    12. $34.99
      Bio Bidet Simplet Bidet Attachment (BB-70) Bbc Innovation Corp
    13. Bio Bidet Palm Travel Hand Held Bidet
    14. Colostomy Pouch Assura® One-piece System 12 Inch 3/4 To 1-1/4 Inch Stoma Drainable Convex, Trim To Fit - Pouch, Assura 1pc Cnvx Transp 12" 5/8"-1
      AAA Wholesale
    15. BioBidet Portable Travel Bidet In Blue
      Home Depot
    16. Options Style 80001 Ladies Adjustable Basic Cotton Crotch With Built-in Ostomy Support,80001ML,Medium 6-7, Left Stoma Side,Each,
      Shop Ostomy Supplies
    17. Coloplast Colostomy Pouch Assura One-Piece System 11-1/2 3/8 To 2-1/4 Stoma Drainable NonConvex, Trim To Fit, 10EA/BX
      The Betty Mills Company
    18. CleanSpa Handheld Bidet, Silver
    19. Hollister 8371 - Premier CeraPlus 1-Piece Drainable Pouch Flex Tend...
    20. Bio Bidet Attachment In White
      Bed Bath & Beyond
    21. Pouch Ostomy2Pc N/Cnvx3/8-11/2 10Ea/Bx (Pack Of 10)
    22. Coloplast Pouch Ostomy One-Piece Pre-Cut 11/4' 10823
    23. $299.04
      Ostomy Pouch Premier One-Piece System 12 Inch Length 2-3/4 Inch
    24. Hollister Centerpointlock Two Piece Ostomy System 3833
      ADW Diabetes
    25. Blue Bidet Bb20 Portable Bidet New, Free Shipping
    26. $67.50
      Coloplast Inc Assura 2-Piece Urostomy Micro-Pouch Cut-to-Fit 3/8" - 1-3/8" - 6214204BX
    27. Ostomy Pouch Esteem+ One Piece System 12' Length 3/4' - 2 1/2' Trim To Fit (Pack Of 10)
    28. Pouch Ostomy2Pc N/Cnvx3/8-13/4 10Ea/Bx Mfg P/L (Pack Of 10)
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