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Quora: Questions on CM Punk World

  • Dan Callis
    Dan Callis Facial Hair Connoisseur12/20/2013
    How much do you like CM Punk? Why?
    Wrestling has a huge "alternative" following and CM Punk is one of the few wrestlers in recent years who hasn't just been a total meathead jock. He's the guy who represents that part of the WWE audience best in terms of identity and …
  • James McPhee
    James McPhee Flooding, Games Geek, and Science fan.12/19/2013
    How much do you like CM Punk? Why?
    I used to watch the wrestling all the time but really can't be bothered with it any more. In my opinion CM Punk is the only entertaining thing about it. They got completely behind people that broke the mold and challeneged authority back in …
  • Cliff Gilley
    Cliff Gilley Technologist, Problem Solver, Product Manager, Lawyer, and all-around fun guy.3/20/2014
    Why did CM Punk leave WWE?
    All indications are that he was annoyed with the lack of a main event match at Wrestlemania this year, which he felt that he deserved (perhaps rightfully so). The match that he was positioned for allegedly was to take on Triple H on …
  • Abhishek Iyer
    How much do you like CM Punk? Why?
    I absolutely adore CM Punk! He is everything that a typical top WWE star is not supposed to be and has yet made a place for himself there. The guy doesn't have the best physique but keeps churning out 5 star matches on a weekly …
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