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Quora: Questions on Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson Fighter of Fallacies8/13/2012
    Is Kobe Bryant the Cristiano Ronaldo of basketball?
    I don't know enough about Cristiano to know how close the similarity is. There are plenty of players who are more diva/selfish than Kobe. Kobe is incredibly hard working, and truly wants to have his team win something fierce. However, …
  • Angus Hardy-Francis
    Angus Hardy-Francis Student. Writer to Touch Reviewz. Future Lawyer.4/6/2013
    Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi overrated?
    These two individuals are definitely anything but over-rated! We're talking about great football players here: Zidane, Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, Messi. These players are all outstanding, yet the only difference is the time period in which they were …
  • Abhishek Oza
    Abhishek Oza Frontend engineering rookie4/11/2013
    Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so arrogant?
    I will try my bit to answer this. Disclaimer: I am a huge CR7 fan. 1. When Ronaldo started playing for MANU, he declared that he wants to become the best football player in the world. He has worked hard, trained hard to become one of …

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